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The internationally recognised standard for Circular Economy, BS 8001.

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Waste is a design flaw
– Kate Krebs

BS 8001 is the world’s first waste prevention, resource efficiency, eco-design and re-manufacturing standard. It focuses on circular economy, where resources are kept in circulation for as long as possible. The practical framework will help you to simplify and identify what is relevant to your organisation within the complex nature of circular economy.

Key Themes of Circular Economy

Changing the ‘Take, Make, Dispose’ Model

BS 8001 challenges the current linear approach to consumption and production, in which materials are extracted and grown, then made into goods, which are then used and disposed of. Instead, BS 8001 utilises the circular economy model, where resources are manufactured at their highest quality and kept in circulation for as long as possible.

Framework for all Organisations

The standard and framework for implementing circular economy has been development to be applicable to any organisation regardless of location, sector or size.
During this pilot stage, the standard was trailed by, a variety of organisations both within the UK and overseas, ensuring the standard met the needs for practical guidance and recommendations.

Benefits of BS 8001

There are many benefits to implementing BS 8001 Circular Economy including:

  • Create new economic and employment opportunities
  • Environmental benefits through improved resource use.
  • Financial and social benefits through economic and innovation opportunities.
  • Demonstrate compliance.
  • Marketing value.

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