The Big Flood Clean-Up; Tips and Taking Care

Although not all areas are in the clear with regards to flooding, many people are beginning the daunting task of getting cleaned up and back to normal. However, as much as you want to get cracking and finish everything as soon as possible you still need to take care. The Environment Agency has issued some warnings and tips while you go through the clean up process.

The first thing to be aware of is that although you may think the water level is low there can still be hidden dangers such as sharp objects, uneven ground and contamination. Be sure to always wear waterproof outer-wear such as a jacket, trousers, boots and gloves; a mask and safety glasses are a good idea too.

Secondly; before you turn on your gas and electricity make sure a registered professional performs a complete service of all appliances and connections. You really don’t want a nasty shock or leak!

Keep the area well ventilated with doors and windows open and if you are using a gas powered pump or generator, put it outside if possible. Some pumps and generators create carbon monoxide which can be deadly. The extra ventilation will also help to dry out the area and banish any fumes and smells.

Beware of structural damage. Mud and silt built up against a wall can cause dangerous pressure; if it is safe to do so, carefully shovel the mud and silt from away from both sides evenly. If in doubt, get a registered professional to survey the property.

There are more helpful tips from around the world at the links below: … 54871.aspx … r-a-flood/

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