Assent Set Goals For 2022 with Latest Feedback Survey

Every year we ask clients for feedback on our performance to help us improve our service.  

2021 was a particularly challenging year for many, but we were happy with the results of our survey and we’ve identified some important improvements for 2022! 

50% of Clients Still Prefer Working Remotely

While it’s important to remember that this survey was issued in November 2021, our survey results show that 50% of our clients would prefer the working sessions to remain ‘mainly remote’, and 41.7% preferring to keep a mix of both remote and onsite sessions.

Therefore we are maintaining remote consultancy and auditing options for clients.

The survey results have also given us confidence that working remotely has not impacted the quality of the work being undertaken by the auditing and consultancy team.

Streamlining the Sign Up Process

To help both new and existing customers, we are combining the proposal and contract process into a single document, making it both quicker and easier for clients to sign-up and secure dates with our expert team.

Upskilling Our Team

As always, we’re upskilling our office, consultancy and audit teams with a mix of instructor led and elearning courses.

We recognise that our clients build good working relationships with our consultants, so wherever possible we look to have consultants who can cover a wide range of standards required to competently cover the work required.

ISO Still Considered Important

ISO Certification remained important for our clients with 100% of those who completed our survey feeling that the level of importance of ISO within the current client was either ‘Extremely Important’ or ‘As important as before the pandemic’.

What Our Clients Say

“Thank you to Assent Team 👍”

Both Garry and Jazmin were always extremely helpful at all times. Garry understood the specifics of our business very quickly and was a pleasure to work with – as was Jazmin.”

Donna Clements
Donna Clements
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