USB Drop Attack Simulation

Report and measure the effectiveness of your training against this commonly executed attack.

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Improve Physical Resilience of your Business

Knowledge is power – with our drop attack simulation you can discover who might be a security risk to your organisation, and train them to improve their awareness and prevent your systems from being compromised when the real thing happens. We also offer courses you can implement after the drop attack to train your staff for these kinds of attack.

What is it?

The drop attack process consists of three parts.


Boost your ISO Compliance

Are you ISO 27001 Certified?

Testing your staff training and implementing further training for those who fail to comply with company policy will not only improve your defenses, but it shows that you are actively probing the security of your organisation – this is viewed highly by your clients, but it’s great for your ISO Certification too.


“Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong” – Murphy’s Law


Prepare for the inevitable and bolster your organisation’s defences now.