Assent Segregate Assurance Services to Ensure Impartiality

[Updated 26th April 2022]

Risk Management firm Assent has segregated its assurance services to ensure the impartiality and transparency of audit results.

Assent has always taken care to ensure our auditors are not ‘marking their own homework’, however as certification bodies begin to scrutinise the internal audits provided by consultancies such as Assent Risk Management (ARM) more closely, and we begin to increase our second and third party auditing services more broadly, we made the strategic decision to separate audit activities from our consultancy business.

Third-party audits and other assurance activities will be delivered by Assurco Limited, wholly owned by Associate Enterprises Limited (Clemark Group) and managed by a dedicated team.

While some internal audits will still be delivered by the consultancy team at Assent Risk Management; where a conflict-of-interest or threat-to-impartiality exists, these will be delivered by a separate team via Assurco.

This follows a 6-month process of the team building an audit and certification management system to ISO 19011, ISO 17021, ISO 17065 and others, to ensure the highest standards are maintained.

This management system forms the basis of our assurance work going forward as Assurco  develops joint-ventures with industry specialists and trade associations.

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Robert Clements
Robert Clements
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